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Stores that run the license server (Avance) locally in the store have encountered issues where thy intermittenly lose the connection to shared folders/license files on the server. The problem usually can be temporarily resolved by rebooting the machine that has lost the connection. However the machine will at a later time lose the connection again (the time between the incidents are usually regular in relation to the last restart).

When checking the event logs of the machine losing the connection you may look for  Event ID: 40960 and Event ID: 40961.


  1. Login to the Avance server and make sure that the DNS service is running
  2. Login to the cash registry machine losing the connection and check the DNS settings on the network card
    1. On the cash registry server open Network Connection and select the connection/network card used and right click select properties
    2. In the new window that is opened select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and right click select properties
    3. In the window that is opened Check that the machine is using the Use the following DNS-server
      In the Primary (Önskad) you should write the IP-number of the local server (Avance/companyserver) and in the Secondary (Alternativ) you should put the external DNS server that you want. That DNS server can be supplied by your compnay, ISP or  you can use Google
    4. When this is done verify that its working by starting a CMD shell and ping the dns name of the server. If you get a reply the local name resolution is working. Next verify that the global name resolution is working by pinging

Resolving Event ID 40961 LSASRV – DNS/

EventID: 40960